Playing with Sam Snead, visiting with Ben Hogan, bringing Paul Runyan (Short Game Legend and Golf Digest Instructor) for 2 Teaching Tours of Australia, bringing Tom Tomasello (Golfing Machine G.S.E.D. Instructor) for a Teaching Tour of Australia, having lessons with Norman Von Nida, Alex Mercer, Charlie Earp, Brian Crafter, and many more memorable moments have given me a perspective on the game of golf that was not available during my earlier playing career.

On reflection, the lesson I received from Sam Snead on the value of control of the ball in golf was of the highest order.

It happened when I flew with Sam Snead from Wellington to Rotorua where Sam was to play an exhibition match with Kel Nagle on the Tuesday prior to the New Zealand Open at Royal Wellington Golf Club.

Sam thought I was crazy to take him up on his invitation to play a practice round prior to his exhibition on Tuesday as I needed to fly back to Wellington to register and get in a practice round before the start of the New Zealand Open.

What would you rather do? Play an extra practice round before a National Open Championship or get to play a practice round with a Legend such as Sam Snead?

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