To All Students of Golf and Those on “The Path to Better Golf.”

Actually, most golfers are very consistent! they consistently miss the target that they are aiming for. We just need to watch the US Open at Pebble Beach which is now reaching the final round as I write this Blog. Even the best players in the world are missing their target (fairways and green and putts) a surprising amount of the time.
As a “student of golf (and of life)” it amazes me that most golfers are looking for the “quick fix” approach to learning golf and wonder why they cannot become consistent.


I have brought 100% into the “Laws of Accuracy” – a Book and System developed by Sasha Ujgunoski (Sasha Novak as Author).

His reasoning as to how a skill is developed is written as sent to me in an email when I questioned him on the concept of “muscle memory.”

I am looking for “Students of Golf” – if you are interested in learning to build your golfing skill to a high level and want to understand the “WHY’ – “WHAT” – and “HOW” of golf swing fundamental mechanics, please apply to and ask for an interview.

REPLY from SASHA UJGUNOSKI to PETER CROKER on How to Build Muscle Memory for Golf

OK, that is one perspective.  I guess in golf everybody is entitled to their view.

Technically speaking and by definition, the most skilled individuals in the world are the virtuosos – top classical pianists, violinists, etc… Their biography inevitably reads the same – started music lessons from age of four and has been doing scales 8-10 hours per day for the past 20+ years.  They are brilliant in their field and accurate.  Their “block practice” was ALWAYS highly structured and not “random”.  Most importantly, they practiced 8-10 hours per day even when they were bored, de-motivated, tired and just couldn’t be bothered…. why, because they had an appropriately graded exam that they were preparing for, a competition, or a recital.  The ones that didn’t do this, guess what(?), they didn’t make it, they failed their exams and eventually dropped out.

Why can’t golfers and golf coaches learn something from this world of classical music and what makes a top virtuoso?  Perhaps they know something about developing exceptional levels of skill and accuracy that may help golfers?

Why can’t we have a golf virtuoso?

“He is the Mozart of putting”

“Her ability to control the ball is like watching Rachmaninoff play piano” – Sasha


Building the Impact Zone starting with a Chip Shot – interesting that at age 80 plus, Jim Ferree (PGA Champions Tour winner) is still learning “How to Build More Control” to a higher skill level

Justin Rose approaches this area of “Professionalism.” Tiger Woods was on this Path except for some deviations – Steve Williams has come back to see if he can re-motivate Jason Day towards this ideal.

There are levels of interest and commitment – Where do you stand? 


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Enjoy the Hit!

Peter Croker