What Does Learning to Play the Guitar have to do with becoming a Better Student (or Coach) in Golf?

Life is a magical journey for all of us and especially for anyone wishing to become competent in what they have a special interest in.

It so happens that I have finally settled down to learn Spanish Guitar (Spanish guitar may refer to Classical guitar, a six-stringed guitar with nylon strings. Flamenco guitar, similar to a classical guitar but is commonly found in Spain and Latin America.)

You might think “what does playing Spanish Guitar have to do with becoming a better golfer?”

Let me tell you my story when it comes to “Learning How to Play” the guitar.

You see I started this Love/Hate affair with the guitar some 60 years ago when my father took me along when he was starting guitar lessons himself. I can remember asking what would it take for me to learn how to play and the Teacher turned to me and said: “First you will have to train to do “Push-Up” on your fingertips and when you can do 10 of these in a row, I will be able to teach you. As a 9-year-old, I realized this was not in my range of possibilities as I was not strong enough in the fingers at that time to manage even one such “Push-Up,” ——————————————————————————–

Fast track this journey to learning how to play “Spanish Guitar” now and I am having the most wonderful learning experience of my lifetime (except perhaps for my love affair with golf and my learning experiences here still on a daily basis)

You see learning guitar is teaching me how to become a better golf coach and have fun learning something new that I have a keen interest in.

May I share some of these insights with you here?

  1. Without “Educated Hands” my musical talent cannot ever be realized.
  2. I can only progress as quickly as I am prepared to practice what my Teacher gives me for “homework.” – and I MUST do the homework (DRILLS)
  3. To progress at any pace with any amount of increased competence, I need to take a minimum of 2 lessons a week (1-hour minimum each lesson) and would do even better if I could find the time to have a daily lesson.
  4. The more I am prepared to do the “simple things well” the less stress I am experiencing and the more fun it is to be a “student.”
  5. Slow is the Go! I cannot believe how much easier it is to focus and to become more precise when I do my finger movements SLOWLY.
  6. The book “Mastery” by George Leonard makes so much more sense to me now. I would thoroughly recommend you buy the Audio Book on this one – George Leonard narrates the book himself and this gives it even greater meaning.
  7. There are no mistakes – only learning opportunities.

Why not approaching learning and playing golf as you would if you wanted to join me and start learning Spanish Guitar?

I invite you to start with the FREE “A to B DRILL’ on our home page of http://crokergolfsystem.com 

See you on the Leaderboard of Students for a Lifetime.

Peter Croker

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