TOURING the USA to share the “A to B – Your One Drill to Better Golf” eBook

Dear Fellow Golfing Students,

An exciting journey has just begun for me, teaming up with some great Golf Coaches here in the USA and filming their individual presentations of the “A to B – Your One Drill to Better Golf” for our eBook.

On September 6, 7,& 8 was spent filming Tom Szwedzinski, Glenn Deck, and Lee Deitrick with their presentations at Saticoy Club – 70 miles north of Los Angeles, California.

The takeaway from these three days for me was – How “Educated Hands” not only control the golf club, but also the arms, shoulders, hips, legs, and feet.

Tom, Glenn, and Lee all highlighted how important it is to “push” through the “pressure points” in the hands and how this produces an effortless and powerful golf swing when the golfer has an “A to B” Downswing.

Even with a strained right wrist, Lee Deitrick was able to demonstrate the “A to B Drill” and compressed the ball with power and little strain on the wrist.

On September 9th in Phoenix, I met up with Peter Gauthier, President of the MySwing 3D and Balance Plates Company at his US Office. Magic was about to happen as I was suited up with all 17 Sensors and a 3D Golfing Avitar demonstrating the “A to B Drill”  was created.

On Monday and Tuesday, September 10 & 11, I had the distinct pleasure of filming Martin Chuck at his TourStriker Golf Academy Venue at The Raven in Phoenix.

This was very special as Martin is one of the early adopters of the “A to B Drill” back in 1994/95 in the USA. His high profile as a featured coach with Revolution Golf is well deserved and his Chapter in the “A to B – Your One Drill to Better Golf” eBook will be something very special.

Presently I am in the New Jersey/New York area and on September 13th, I met with David Glenz at his Club – Black Oak. David is one of the highly respected Golf Coaches here in the NE USA. At 69 he is still as passionate as ever about golf and his role in coaching.

Next week I fly to Pinehurst, hoping the hurricane does not linger and cut short my visit with Rick Whitfield (Top 100 Golf Coach in the USA)

Following will be a few days at Oakmont with Bob Ford and again special memories will be created as we film Bob Ford’s lesson using the “A to B Drill.”

Next few days will be spent at Centennial Golf Club, north of Westchester CC and the home of a Dave Pelz Short Game School  I am again sharing the A to B Drill with students of golf.

Will share more special moments as they come up.

Good Golfing,

Peter Croker

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