Golf appears to be a game of opposites!

  • When you “hit up” on the ball – the ball goes down – When you hit down on the ball – the ball goes up – WHY and HOW IS THIS SO? 

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  • When you “try” to hit the golf ball straight – it goes crooked. When you fire the clubhead down and through the ball with “reckless abandon” – the ball flies straight to its target – WHY and HOW IS THIS SO?

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  • When you “try” to score low – you shot high. When you let go and “give-up” you make a birdie. WHY and HOW IS THIS SO?
  • When you “try” to overpower the golf course – the golf course “overpowers’ you. ——-WHY and HOW IS THIS SO?

  • THE CONCEPT OF “PUSHING” versus “PULLING. When swinging the golf club and hitting the golf ball, it “feels” and “looks” like you are “pulling on the club – but it is the “pushing” against the handle (grip end) of the club that is really at the heart of the golf swing of “effortless power” – not “powerless effort.” –   WHY and HOW IS THIS SO?

Does the horse need to “pull” or “push” to move the cart?

The psyche needed when playing the game of golf is similar to playing the game of life – we need to let go of control to gain control.

If We “Must Have” – We “Cannot Have!”

We also need to let go of our “fixed ideas'” and our “belief systems” to see and feel the correct answers needed to understand the golf swing inner workings. We need to ask the question: “WHY and HOW IS THIS SO?”

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