The Ultimate Game in Learning How to Learn – “Golf” – Part 4 – How to Handle a Confusion


Some golfer may think that they need help from an “external force.”

Golf is a game where you ultimately face the reality that “If it has to be, it is up to me!”

Golf is a game where the individual golfer is responsible for their own quality of shots and score and where it is better to trust science than instinct. Below is a scientific formula to overcoming a “Confusion” when learning golf.

A Student in Confusion

PROBLEM: The Student has gone past one or more misunderstood Words or Concepts that help build an orthodox golf swing and /or have not done the required drilling of earlier Basics in the Golf Swing Learning and Coaching process.

SOLUTION: Find the misunderstood word(s) that exists at the bottom of the Confusion. Start with the first misunderstood word or concept and thoroughly build the “action definition” step by step and drill to the autonomous level.

VIEWPOINT: As a student, we can always reflect on an earlier time in the learning process when we were clear on what was important and stable and what was not.

  • Understand the “Why” the “How” and the “Future Implications” for doing it in a particular way.
  • The student who is in confusion is the one who does not understand the “WHY” and the “HOW” of the various components of the golf swing and why they need to be practised to the point where they become automatic without having to think about them
  • Essential in this process is the development of rhythm and coordination. Also, the student must understand the knowledge and logic behind each component so that they can become their own best teacher under the guidance and the objective perspective of their coach and/or from video feedback.
  • This goes without saying that the student must be very patient with themselves e.g. think of a child learning to walk – they will fall over many times before becoming competent at walking – next comes running, rollerblading, skiing, surfing, and so it progresses.

Armed with the knowledge of “How to handle any Confusions” when learning and taking your golf swing and game to the next level of play will allow you to “Enjoy the Hit!” on an improving basis.

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