Yard by Yard is Too Hard – Inch by Inch is a Cinch


In recent times, the BIG IDEA has been claimed to be that DISTANCE is the Answer to becoming a great (or better golfer) and this is the BIG LIE!

In recent times Dustin Johnson is the #1 Player in the World and it is claimed that his long driving and power is what separates him from his competitors – His length is a factor but WHY he is winning and #1 is due to his increased accuracy with the wedges. You see when he concentrates on his wedge play and “dialling-in the distance” of these “Less than Full Shots”  his precision of contact improves and this flows on to his long shots and his Driver. His Putting is also a major focus in his training and this goes hand in glove with his training of the Wedge Play and Pitching and Bunker Play

Champions Tour Winner, Jim Ferree, building control of the Chip Shot inch by inch.

Building the Impact Zone starting with a Chip Shot is how to make golf easier to learn or fix a breakdown through the “Impact Zone.”

Make Learning Golf Easy

Whether you are Super Senior Champion from the Champions Tour or just starting out to become a competent golfer, the best way to build accurate shots and control of your technique is to start close to the hole and work back in baby steps.

To build greater touch for direction and distance control start with smaller incremental steps. Also when building greater precision in technique, start with the smaller swings and focus on one fundamental at a time.

Since returning to coach in Australia from Europe and the USA in 2004, I have had the good fortune to hook up with John Lyons and his Channel 31 Golf Zone TV Program. John had a great number of high-quality guests on his Show and one very special person was Sasha Ujgunoski who wrote the Book – The Laws of Accuracy. This simple book strikes at the heart of what is required to compress the golf ball and send it accurately to its target.

We have embraced his “Laws of Accuracy” and apply them from Putt to Chip to Pitch to Full Swing, Bunker Shots, and more.

The Master Coaching Academy Step by Step and Key to Golf Programs plus The Laws of Accuracy give you these steps and drills – https://okedokecroke–pushgolf.thrivecart.com/mcp-1-trial/

Enjoy the Hit! – Step by Step – Good Golf is Easy! – Done with Ease!



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